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You Don’t Have To Fight Traffic Violations Alone

Many people think that all there is to resolving a traffic ticket is paying the fine. But there are other consequences that will impact your driving record and insurance rates for years. If you have been accused of any traffic violation, it is critical that you have an experienced attorney on your side.

Fighting A Ticket On Your Own Is Tough

Although they seem like minor violations, it can be hard to fight tickets on your own. If you have received a ticket, you need the help of an experienced traffic attorney who understands the law and the court procedures to keep the infraction off your record.

We Can Help With All Traffic Violations

At Nur Law, you will work with an experienced attorney who knows how to defend clients against drunk driving charges and traffic offenses. We have the knowledge and skill to identify legal issues with a ticket — and to keep it off your driving record. Our goal is always to have a traffic ticket dismissed or, at least, reduced to a nonmoving violation.

Our legal team is prepared to help with any type of violation, including:

  • Speeding tickets
  • Distracted/negligent driving (cellphone use, etc.)
  • Carpool lane violations
  • Stop sign or traffic light tickets
  • Improper turns
  • Blocking intersections
  • Car accidents
  • Following too close

Leave The Legwork To Us

With help from our firm, you can avoid the hassle and confusion of fighting your ticket alone. We will handle all the paperwork and appear in court on your behalf.

We offer free, half-hour consultations at our Everett and Seattle locations with evening, weekend and off-site appointments available. Contact us by calling 425-998-7040 (Everett office) or 206-422-4222 (Seattle office) today to discuss your traffic ticket.

Foreign language translation services are also available.

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