Nader Nur

Nader Nur

Nader Nur Rule 9 Licensed Legal Intern

Rule 9 Licensed Legal Intern

Nader Nur is a Rule 9 Licensed Legal Intern with Nur Law, PLLC. Nader began his legal career in 2012 when he enrolled in Seattle University School of Law. Prior to law school, Nader earned his undergraduate degrees in Accounting and Business Administration from Central Washington University. Nader’s prior experience consists of business and data analytics, forecasting, workflow management, and business development.

Nader will earn his Juris Doctorate from Seattle University in December 2016. Currently Nader is practicing under the supervision of attorney Omar Nur. His legal work focuses mainly on representing clients with criminal defense, traffic infractions, and personal injury cases, both in and out of court.

When not studying or working, Nader enjoys running, mountain biking, cooking, and traveling.